Freshwater Creek Steiner School


The aim of Steiner Education is to enable and support the healthy development of the whole child, so that they are able, out of their own initiative, to import purpose and direction to their lives.”

Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner Schools form one of the largest non-religious worldwide educational movements of this century, with over 800 schools now in existence globally.  The movement thrives because the education is found to be broadly relevant, equipping children everywhere for the rapid and unpredictable changes that characterise our times.

We strive to help each age of growth be fully and vividly enjoyed and experienced.  We do this by using art as a practice and language to develop feelings, and nourishing the children with the rich heritage of wise folk tales, histories, fairy stories, poems, music and games that are part of world civilization.

We offer an education that enables each student to begin on the path of self discovery: we provide a journey through the story of humanity, one that fosters a global and compassionate worldview, taking its impulse from the classical ideal of ‘Know Thyself’.